If you are interested in MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, practical self defense or just want a fun and challenging way to get fit and learn new skills check out our 5 Elements Self Defense Program. Covering striking, clinching , grappling and the interplay between them, we are one of the most comprehensive and accessible programs available in Orange County.

 If you are like most people you have a full time job, a family, other hobbies, in other words, a busy life. Our MMA and Self Defense program is designed for you. Most programs just train the way their teacher trained. It ignores the fact that most professional martial artists have lived an extraordinarily different life than many people are willing or able to live. Our program is optimized for maximum development of skill and fitness even within the constraints of modern life. We can to provide you with the tools you need to become great, in spite of the challenges of everyday life.

 Of course a certain level of dedication is always required our staff will keep you in the game but so will the friendly atmosphere of the gym. You will not only look better, feel better and be confident in your skills but you will make awesome friends. Getting to the gym will no longer be a chore it will be a respite from the busy word and place of peace and camaraderie.

 Just to review, practical self defense training as well as the fun of modern MMA training all while maintaining the principles if discipline, respect and humility. Come join our school, our club, our family. See you on the mat!


TUESDAY/THURSDAY - 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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