Bored with routine workouts? Tired of the typical gym environment? Too many people taking selfies or meatheads hogging machines? Want to burn a ton of calories while learning a skill at the same time?

We got sick of the typical gym and decided to take our love of Combat Sports and make a different kind of gym. One where you can workout hard with good friends and learn something.

Is this just Cardio Kickboxing?

This program is so much more than just another workout. We don’t just shout out combos like your typical cardio class. We demonstrate and train both Muay Thai and western kickboxing techniques and show how to use those techniques in practical application. We have both beginner and advanced classes so don't worry about your level. Sparring is in Fridays.

If Cardio is what your looking for YOUR IN LUCK we have a class for that too! Fill out the form and we will transfer the offer to that class instead!

Come on in! We can build you a custom program that will help you burn a ton of calories and learn how to fight all at the same time. Build cardio, strength, speed and power all while making some great new friends.

Whatever Level You're at We Have a Spot for You!

5 Elements Kickboxing class provides you with a great workout while concentrating on proper form and technique. You will sharpen your offensive game but it is not only about attack, you will also learn defensive strategies and how to counter attack.

If you're a little nervous about keeping up we have a fundamentals class just for you. Start your training with people at the same level with same goals. No experience is no problem.

Come in today for a session and get ready to get your kick on!


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  • KICKBOXING II (Prior experience required, evaluated case by case)

  • Get 3 FREE Classes and a FREE pair of boxing gloves.