Do you feel that having a size, athletic or age disadvantage means that you can't learn to defend yourself? You don’t have to feel this way with Escrima.

The ancient art of Filipino stick, knife and empty hand fighting was developed to give smaller, weaker or lesser armed people an option for self defense and self determination.

Our expert instructor Alfred Parayno has a lifetime of experience that can put the tools into your hands to equalize and get you out of any situation. The best part is that most Escrima techniques can be translated to everyday items.

Be Ready for Unplanned Moments

Whether it is a stick, knife, sword, baseball bat, you name it; even a rolled up newspaper can be a weapon! Don't get caught in a situation where you won't know how to defend yourself from an attack by someone with a foreign object. Our world class instructor Alfred Parayno has been training his entire life and his time living in the Philippines and Mexico has given him unique incite on real life self defense situations. 

Come in today for a session, no experience necessary, just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn!

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