You have a way to measure how much gas is in your car and how to check oil levels. You have a way to measure food for cooking and how many calories you intake. Even your GPS can tell you how long it takes to get to your destination before you even leave. Do you know where you are now health wise and do you have a goal you are trying to reach or just looking to improve your health in general?

Without getting a baseline and knowing where you are now, how will you know what you are aiming for and if you are on the right track? Our basic Fit Check will let you know not only your weight, but what kind of weight weather it is muscle, bone, or the excess fat you are looking to get rid of with a body fat analysis. It also measures hydration level, and gives us an understanding of where your body is at now so we can make adjustments and recommendations in your diet and exercise.

We also have the ability to check cholesterol levels, conduct non-invasive allergy tests, and test hormone levels which is vital not only for success in health and fitness; proper hormone levels are also vital for success in all areas of your life.

Come in today for a Fit Check session with one of our trainers. Your health, and your life, is dependent on you knowing where to go from here.