Introduce yourself to the world of Boxing at any skill level from beginner to a fighter that is ready to step in the ring

Have you ever felt like you could achieve more if you just had the heart for it? Leading to missed goals and disappointment.

Who hasn't been there that’s why we have invited Coach Bobby Chavez to bring his world class boxing program to 5 Elements. What other sport develops more “heart” and puts true tenaciousness on display? Through time tested training and technique you can learn what it is like to be a real boxer in and out of the ring.

Who Is Bobby Chavez?

Bobby has an extensive background in sports. Accolades include 2008 Team MVP for Italy’s Professional Football Team “Reggio Emilia Hogs”, Golden West College Football Defensive MVP 2005, Laguna Beach High School Defensive Coordinator, Compton Centennial High School Defensive Coordinator, professional boxer.

He has years of experience training many clients all over Southern California. It is no surprise that they stick with him and follow wherever he goes. This class will help you with the fundamentals including proper stance, footwork, and efficient striking along with getting a great workout. Whether you are doing this for fun, to learn a new skill, get some exercise, or step into a ring it will give you a new found strength, toughness and spirit!

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