Have you ever felt unsafe in an empty parking lot? Felt frustrated trying to lose weight? Looking for a hobby that is fulfilling rather than just killing time? A place to belong, a community that can be more than just a notification on a phone?

We know what it is like to run the daily grind and feel like we are at the mercy of the whims of the world, to feel run down, like there is some way that life could be better.

Since 2007 5 Elements has been building a team of experts that specialize in helping our members overcome their greatest challenges. Through training, community and discipline you can be stronger and more centered. With a complete set of programs we can build you a custom training regime to meet your needs and goals.

Be more confident, feel more secure in your surroundings, improve your health, look your best and do it with like minded positive people. You can be more than you ever thought.

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What is 5 Elements?

Have you ever walked into a gym and wondered what the hell am I doing here? Lack or guidance in the general gym world. Afraid of 20 year old kids with face tattoos tearing your head off at the MMA gym? Not into the dogmatic practice in funny pajamas that some traditional schools exhibit? 

If you have been around the martial arts and fitness world as we have you have seen it all. We have adopted the lifestyle of clean living and the martial lifestyle yet had grown tired of all the gym cliches. 

Lets be real for a minute. In Southern California we have the BEST of the BEST in the martial arts and fitness worlds. The problem is that their knowledge is hard to access in the crazy gym cultures that prevail. That is why the idea for 5 Elements was born. A place where we could gather the best practices and ideas. We could build a friendly open community. Built around professional attitudes and a desire to help YOU get to your goals. This place is designed from the ground up to be a community and a resource to make sure you get to your GOALS.

No REALLY What the heck is 5 Elements?

It is a vehicle to study and examine the practice of martial arts. Focusing on practical application, disciplined discovery and practice of universal basic principles and self critical practice and study of the dynamics of martial arts application. With the purpose of teaching you the practitioner how to understand, examine, and ultimately better learn martial arts. 

Way back in 2005 when the idea of 5 Elements was conceived and when Coach Tim was teaching out of his garage the whole idea was to find what the basic principles of martial arts were. He figured out that there were three measures that needed to be met. 

First and most obvious, is it effective? Through realistic drilling and study of real life self defense situations as well as close following of MMA and other combat sports combines with a critical view of efficacy the physical system was developed. To quote Bruce Lee "Take what works, from where it works".

Second, Is the body being served? Do we get stronger, faster more responsive? Sometimes the training is too timid, too slow and doesn't benefit the body. On the other side of the coin practice can be brutal yielding quick gains in toughness but a year in you have a trick shoulder a bad knee and a tweaked elbow are you still capable. It is imperative to build up and harden the body without breaking it. Sometimes we wear it down to rebuild it stronger but never break it.

Third, is there growth as a person? Is the physical practice of martial arts serving the growth of the spirit as well. There is no greater truth about a person than what shows up on the mat. There are no lies no excuses and no where to hide. One can practice philosophy and one can be a fighter but to be an artist one has to do both. They are two sides of the coin. A painter can't just study painting at some point they have to create. On the other hand one can't become a master just by painting without examination. Only through the thoughtful execution of study and the constant application of that study does true mastery emerge. 

So Why 5 Elements?

So if there were three principles why 5 Elements? This gets asked all of the time and almost anybody at the gym will be happy to discuss it. There are many symbolic uses of 5 Elements in several cultures. Primarily the study of Miyomoto Musashi's book of Five Rings as well as a homage to many of Coach Tim's original teachers. There is symbolism to almost everything here. We recommend everyone read the book to accompany their training. 

There is a practical side as well. The training in the Martial Arts Program is broken down into 5 Training units. As in the logo each unit overlaps the other and is practiced with the 4 other units in mind ion order to create a whole martial artist.

  • Striking: The study of striking arts from the feet
  • Grappling: The study of the fight on the ground
  • Clinch and Trap: The study of close range combat standing and on the ground. How to perfect control of distance and timing
  • Self Defense: How do our tactics, technique and most importantly mindset change in a self defense situation
  • Footwork and Balance: The study of proper balance and positioning to support and get the most out of the other units.

So You Are Just a Martial Arts Place?

NO! We are not just a martial arts place. Our goal is to bring the transformative power of martial arts to all people. We also want to make sure that our members get the most out of their training. This means we have a full array of programs and support services. The combat sports and martial arts programs are 5 Elements, Kickboxing, Boxing and Escrima. To keep the body sharp we have Cage Fitness, Strength Training and HIIT Circuit Training. On top of that we have our own supplement line, meal prep service, cold press juice as well as comprehensive athletic performance evaluation tools. You need something to get better we can provide it. We want to see every member of out community grow and transform.


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